Hunter Executive Search

Case Study: Solutions Architect, New Markets

Solutions Architect

The Situation:


A global leader in the MedTech field, our client was expanding technical operations in Canada to facilitate strategic growth in the North American market. They had entrusted Hunter Executive Search as their partner in the hiring process for a Solutions Architect Director based in Vancouver, Canada.

The Challenge:


Our client had a very specific requirement list for prospective candidates, including over ten years’ experience in a similar role with an ability to code and a Project Manager (PM) certification. Typically, a Solutions Architect would not be a project manager, but would be more likely to co-exist with a PM on the same IT project. As you can imagine, this reduced our potential candidate list significantly and set a real challenge in finding the right person for the job.

The Solution:


There is no one-size-fits-all solution, we are constantly iterating and adapting our successful executive search formula to suit local demands in a global environment. 


It is crucial that we work closely with our clients, and often we transcend the traditional transactional boundaries of service provider / client relationships. We play a crucial role as thought partners in conversations with hiring managers.


Given the highly competitive nature for candidates in the Vancouver tech market, we had to adapt our recruitment criteria across Canada and into North America.


Thanks to previous assignments in North America, our extensive mapping of the industry landscape and our extensive market research, it became clear that Canadians are much more willing to relocate for work than they were four years ago.


Moreover, an Ipsos study highlighted that in terms of preferred destinations for relocation, four in ten working Canadians ranked British Columbia first, followed by Ontario. Similarly, the highest proportion of working Canadians ranked Vancouver, as their preferred city of relocation. We had the location, now we just needed the right talent pool!


We identified Microsoft as an ideal source of high quality, educated and certified candidates. Refining our search criteria, we prioritized suitable candidates with Canadian citizenship, knowing the draw of relocating back home to Canada’s most sought-after city location would ensure a high calibre of applications.


The candidate is now waiting to return to Canada once Covid19 restrictions allow.

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