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Sectors We Recruit In

We have experience with senior appointments across a wide range of sectors and understand the specific requirements and contexts that can affect how an assignment is carried out and what success will look like. Our clients value our deep sectoral knowledge. Below are just some of the sectors and industries we know well.

Consumer goods & services recruitment

The consumer sector is the very definition of fast-moving. This is a challenging industry where micro-and macro-economic factors bring change and uncertainty on a rolling basis. Leaders in these companies must balance all kinds of skills and be ready for absolutely anything. Expertise can range from technology to consumer expectations, buying trends to supply chain management, import/export to innovation. These roles are some of the most complex and dynamic out there and require world-class decision-makers.

Consumer goods & services recruitment senior appointments

Education, public & non-profit recruitment

These sectors share a requirement for motivational leaders with extraordinary clarity of purpose and the ability to move mountains. Transparency has become of primary importance in such organisations, which is made difficult because of the often complex and bureaucratic way they are run. Roles in these sectors require a blend of political, social, and economic literacy as well as all the usual traits of leadership.

Eductaion, public @non-profit recruitment senior appointments

Financial services recruitment

The financial services sector is going through a revolution. The global financial crisis brought about unprecedented levels of regulation and scrutiny. Added to which, advances in technology have changed every aspect of how such companies work and interact with their end customers. The financial services sector is overflowing with disruptors and disruptive technology; the status quo is no longer an option for even the most established brands. In this sector, leaders are needed who understand how to navigate change, embrace transparency, and reduce risk.

Financial Services Recruitment senior appointments

Industrial & manufacturing recruitment

Engineering is our true north, so we understand the industrial and manufacturing sectors like no one else. Internationally experienced decision-makers with deep local knowledge and understanding are essential for roles in industry and manufacturing. These sectors cover a huge range of commercial activities, but typical challenges that leaders face will be in supply chain management, resourcing, changing operating models, partnerships, and globalisation.

Industrial & manufacturing recruitment senior appointments

Life sciences recruitment

Life sciences organisations have to be agile and innovative, as do their leaders. In this sector, “life-changing” is a daily reality, not a marketing slogan. The need is for high-calibre specialists that understand how to break new ground by leveraging technology and data. Leaders in this sector are visionaries and architects of success. They know about balance and how to steer a steady course through scientific advancement, regulation, operational complexity, and collaboration.

Life sciences recruitment senior appointments

Professional services recruitment

Professional services companies have been leveraging digital transformation to fundamentally change their business models. The productisation of services has brought about extraordinary innovation in this sector. In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, this sector needs leaders that understand the importance of human capital and how to use it for competitive advantage. Strategic thinking is key, as is the ability to bring value to the market and transform the bottom line.

Professional services recruitment senior appointments

Technology recruitment

Even the most traditional of sectors has been irrevocably transformed by tech. It is the main challenge and opportunity of any business, no matter its size. Technology companies, therefore, face some of the stiffest competition and are ruled by the mantra “adapt or die”. In this sector, leaders must be tireless and inspirational, and perfectly at ease jumping between soft and hard skills. Operating in this truly global marketplace, decision-makers need critical thinking and strategic vision.

Technology recruitment senior appointments