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Case Study: Respiratory Consultant, Needle In A Haystack

Respiratory Consultant Recruitment

The Situation:


Our client, a private hospital in the West of Ireland were seeking a Respiratory Consultant in a bid to develop a key component of their overall patient healthcare program. The decision to grow this aspect of private healthcare is set against a stark back drop in Ireland with 1 in 5 deaths attributed to respiratory disease: nearly 40% higher than the EU (European Union) average. Furthermore, respiratory disease is one of the leading causes of hospital admissions nationally, a situation compounded by Ireland having one of the lowest numbers of respiratory specialists per capita in Europe. This presented a challenging hiring problem for our client.

The Challenge:


This assignment presented several hiring challenges, including:


  • A lack of potential candidates practicing domestically in Ireland.
  • Restrictions placed on international consultants who do not have an Irish or UK medical licence or have not studied in the aforementioned countries.
  • Location of the hospital based in a rural region of the country.
  • Finding candidates with medical licenses that could be fast tracked by the Irish Medical Council (IMC)
  • Client urgency to fill the position.

The Solution:


As there were no immediate hires available within Ireland, we were forced to expand our recruitment search to the Irish diaspora, international students who either studied in Ireland or previously practiced in Ireland. Synergies between the IMC and the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK licencing practices presented clear hiring opportunities for UK based candidates thanks to a fast-track conversion of UK to Irish medical licences. This expanded our potential talent pool exponentially from those respiratory consultants practicing in the UK to those who studied in the UK. This allowed the Hunter Executive Search team to scour alumni lists of key university hospitals generating a healthy initial list of candidates.


Having shortlisted candidates, we brought each candidate to the West of Ireland to explore the region for seven days, visit schools, view potential places to live, shadow duty consultants in the private hospital, research potential employment opportunities for partners, and experience the lifestyle to get a balanced measure of what to expect with a move to Ireland. We took inspiration from Tourism Ireland to showcase the best the West of Ireland had to offer in terms of amenities and lifestyle. We also created a full ‘living in Ireland’ brief that included everything from ‘how to’ set up a bank account to choosing the best broadband provider and a list of schools for each catchment area. We dedicated a team member as a liaison for the week to act as an expert guide to ensure all questions were answered and allay any concerns.


Going the extra mile for our client is so important, but also for the potential candidate. The benefit of this elaborate approach is two-fold; our client knows that they are getting a candidate who is invested in making the move to the region. On the other hand, the candidate is fully appraised, expectations are set and appreciate that their future employer is fully invested in having him / her as an employee thanks to our comprehensive customer focused approach.


And that’s why we have a 100% success rate on retained assignments because we deliver on these vital factors:


  • A thorough grasp of the role requisites.
  • An understanding of any wider challenges in the mix.
  • The ability to look beyond the surface to find the perfect fit.
  • The desire to ensure that expectations are met on both sides.


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