Hunter Executive Search

Case Study: Product Director, The Right Candidate

Product Director Recruitment Position

The Situation:


Our client is a global technology firm leading the way in a very niche industry. They have retained Hunter Executive Search to launch their international recruitment campaign to find a Product Director with 10 years’ experience, scrum certified, fluent in written and spoken English for their operations in Lahore, Pakistan.

The Challenge:


The technology sector is Pakistan’s fastest growing industry, with a potential for exponential global growth over the next decade; the country produces in excess of twenty thousand IT graduates per annum, adding to their workforce of over 300,000 IT engineers. 


Despite an ever-expanding list of potential candidates; cultural nuances and language barriers posed a significant mix of challenges for hiring managers and their executive search counterparts.


However, complexity is where we thrive at Hunter Executive Search, working in multifaceted talent pools within highly specialised industries.

The Solution:


Our clients can rely on our global experience to deliver insight into the local market eco-system. We make it our business to understand the competitors, suppliers, partners, and key industry players in our client’s region.


Once again, we adapted our tried and trusted executive search formula to find a suitable candidate for the role of Product Director. We identified key talent pools from appropriate market leaders, like Mentor Graphics and Teradata. These large players with an international footprint, located in Lahore, Pakistan provided a reliable starting point for candidate outreach and suitability assessments.


After engaging in a rigorous hiring process, we were delighted to find the right candidate who rose to the challenge of this intense recruitment process. This in turn made the hiring decision for our client very easy!

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