Hunter Executive Search

International Headhunting

We are a well-travelled team and work on assignments around the world. We have placed candidates on every continent, carrying out local research, meeting with multiple stakeholders, and conducting face-to-face interviews on the ground.

When you are placing someone in another country, you may need more than a straightforward search and assessment service. We exhaust all possible avenues in understanding the landscape, digging into the local cultural, social, and economic nuances to deliver the best outcome for your organisation.

Market entry recruitment

It can be tough to break into a new market, so it’s crucial that you have the right people in place as you roll out your expansion plans.

Your first hire in a new region is a significant step and has to be right. Such people may well be working remotely, and we take time to ensure that factors such as isolation and working across time zones will not affect job performance.

We deliver in this area by:

  • Looking into your competitors and gathering market knowledge and information that you may not be aware of.
  • Finding the right self-starter who will work well in this kind of role.
  • Introducing you to people who can clear the path for you (insurance, investment, etc.).
international headhunting in cities around the world to support market entry recruitment

Market entry partnerships


Littus is a market entry platform based in the USA, supporting Irish companies looking to grow their business in North America as well as US businesses establishing themselves in Ireland. Littus acts as a central resource for connection to infrastructure, prospects, and partners. Hunter is executive search partner for Littus and delivers their talent acquisition programmes.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland plays a pivotal role in introducing Irish companies to markets abroad, and vice versa. Enterprise Ireland clients range from startups to large indigenous companies in every type of manufacturing and internationally traded services sector. We have partnered with Enterprise Ireland to bring their client companies our executive search services and acquisition advisory in the USA. We will soon be offering the same service in other markets.