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Case Study: Chief Operating Officer, The Road Ahead

Chief Operating Officer Recruitment

The Situation:


Our client, a software solutions provider in the energy sector was recently awarded a major framework development contract for an edible oil company with an annual turnover of $45bn and over 100 manufacturing sites around the world. The contract required our client to provide energy efficiency solutions across all manufacturing sites. However, they did not have the capacity to cover all site requirements and needed to appoint a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to upscale operations. 

The Challenge:


The company did not have the depth of knowledge and manpower to meet the demands of a project on this scale. The company (our client) prides itself on the high calibre of its employees, their innovation and ability to adapt to project demands. But a project of this type and magnitude required our executive recruitment services to find an individual at C-suite level with relevant industry experience, an ability to create & develop a standalone department from the ground up and skilled at delivering large scale projects. 


Typically, industry lead times for new hires at Chief Operating Officer level are quite lengthy due to the technical and costly nature of the work involved. It was up to us at Hunter Executive Search to utilise our deep sectoral knowledge to pinpoint the best candidate for the job. 

The Solution:


As a result of our industry experience, we were able to quickly and confidently gauge a candidate’s previous performance enabling us to reduce the risk and cost of hiring errors. We narrowed our search down to an oil field veteran from an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company employing over fifty thousand people, which provided services to petrochemical companies. 


At Hunter Executive Search, we take pride in our role as a brand ambassador for our clients. We seek to instil the brand values and culture of the companies we represent throughout the hiring process. And it’s a testament to our client’s dedication to its culture of sustainability, innovation and partnership that helped make this career move an attractive opportunity for the candidate. 


Attracting and selecting the right people makes all the difference in whether or not you have sleepless nights, customer issues, employee morale challenges, and strong financial performance. It’s not a process for amateurs that is why we take the time to focus on putting a hiring plan in place within your firm to make sure you’re making the right hiring decision. 


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